A Word for the Weary(New Book)


Hi my dear friends: I would very much appreciate the support if you would go to the below link and pre-order my new book: A Word for the Weary.  I believe it will be a great encouragement to your walk with the Lord especially for those of you who have been or are going through a difficult time and season in your lives.  Glory to God.


2 thoughts on “A Word for the Weary(New Book)

  1. I enjoyed the book Kevin , I’m in the process of reading more and hearing more of the Lords word. Your book was an insperation to me and I Loved it opened my eyes. Congratulations on your book and wishing you all the happiness on your journey with the lord…


    • Thanks so much Carmen! What a blessing, and praise the Lord! Carmen, can I ask one favor? Would you mind posting a review of my book on Amazon, since you read it. It really does help as others are deciding as to whether or not they want to read A Word for the Weary. Bless you Carmen so much in Jesus!


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